The woman wearing the red flats.

“I will go places.” “I will wear the nicest shoes to those places, meet people, eat yummy foods and i will be happy.” Those were the words that i always tell myself. I don’t know if my life’s interesting enough for other people to read on, but i really want to inspire others and share what i can to somehow make you guys smile.

I am kim seneca pavino-salonga, 26, happily married with a super cute son. A nurse by profession but a former corporate sales woman, was a medical representative before i resigned. Yes, i am a full time mom. But i have an online shop on instagram (@shopseneca) you can check it out. Nagpromote pa! Haha!

Check these snapshots:


Well, long hair pa ko dyan 🙂




And this is me now! Short hair na.

Enough about hair. I will post a hair blog soon.






That’s my little happy family up there 🙂 my son’s turning two on june 30. Im super happy that he’s very sweet and smart. Now i know the great advantage of not having a yaya. Yeah, it’s all us from the start.

My life turned 360deg when my son came. No gimmick nights, goodbye bratty attitude, no more of the old me.

Let me share to you my very precious delivery picture:


Hahaha!after 20 hours of pain!!! Finally 🙂

Now let’s talk about other things about me. I love the beach, it keeps me sane. My favorite color is gold. I love dressing up, but i have a rule in fashion. “Hindi porket uso kailangan isuot mo,lalo kung alam mong hindi bagay sayo”. Haha. I dont wear neons, because i am not fair enough to look good on them. I love basic tank tops. I love everything high waist. Im short so i have to create an illusion that my legs are longer than they are. Haha. I eat like a man. I dont like copycats. I hate people who think they are above everyone else just because they have a job or they have material wealth. I love watching my hubby’s basketball games. He’s quite good! People with sense of humor amaze me. I am a dancer. I like being with my best friends. I dont drink carbonated drinks since birth. Not a fan of ketchup and gravy, yes i eat chicken at any restaurant without gravy. I am a chef wannabe. I love florals, stripes, and loud prints. I am a sucker for bright necklaces. I am just a simple woman. And i dont regret anything from my past. I couldnt be any happier 🙂

Be back ha, til our next! 🙂



kim seneca.


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