I live. I love. I dance.


Dance has been  one of my deepest passions since i was a child. I remember how my mom usually make fun of me saying that i started dancing inside her tummy. Dance was in my veins even if im not born yet. Haha! And dance will always run through my system even after life. It’s like dreaming using my feet, every beat has grown on me.

image image image image

I can remember dancing while in school, from kindergarten to college. Being excused at every class because of dance practice, shows and contests. But the most memorable was when i was chosen to represent our college during PLM’s sportsfest for the Dancesport competition. Bagged the 1st runner up title, yeah it was too close to winning, but it really felt so good to be on the top three among over 10 contestants.

I will not write about what dance means, the different kinds of dance, how to dance etc. you can easily search those topics on google.i want to write about how it helped me as a person, and the lesson of doing it with passion or not do it at all.

Dancing is beyond a hobby for me. It has helped me to stay in shape even after giving birth. It taught me the value of pefect timing and perseverance to attain greatness. The value of discipline and oneness with music. The ability to use my body to influence and inspire others. Even until now, i try to teach the youth the passion for dance. I hope you read my next blogs about the groups that i was able to teach.

You dont need great moves to be a great dancer. What you need is a great heart for it.


So let’s dance?


kimseneca 😘


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2 Responses to I live. I love. I dance.

  1. angel says:

    what i miss the most about dancing???? —-when i do it with you!!!!!

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