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“Share your gifts so God will bless you more.” This was literally what i did with my gift of dance in my life. It all started when i was still in school and my sister was also a member of a dance group. We both have the interest in using our bodies to inspire others and express ourselves. Originally, my genre of dance was more of the hiphop modern pop ones, but i was also able to have jazz and ballet classes way way back. My sister asked me if i could teach them a dance routine for their first interdisciplinary dance contest at Canossa Sta. Rosa, where i went to from grade one til high school. Can i say no?

Of course i said yes. I love my sister so much, i would not dare say no to her. Haha! They were in their sixth grade when i first taught them a dance routine. My only motto as a dance choreographer was “hindi pwedeng second or third place, first place lang dapat.” It’s not about being too perfectionist or too addicted to winning. I just want my students to give their all and be at their best when performing, simply because i was trained that way when i was learning to dance. That there’s no point of dancing if you are not all out for it. And besides, it’s also a way to make their parents proud.

And so their group bagged the first place for the pop category 🙂 good job!

Three years later, my sister asked me again if i could help her choreograph their dance routine, now for the ballroom dance category. I was hesitant at first because i thought i dont have the knowledge and skills for ballroom dancing, but again, can i say no to my sister?

They were third year high school students, their major concern was the fear of not beating the seniors. We practiced a lot, polished every move, and i always make sure to uplift their spirits.


Say hi to the boys : aaron, shaun, paolo, sam and kurt 🙂


And to the girls : patchie, camie, diane, my sister moira and reg 🙂


Did they win? OF COURSE THEY DID!! not second or third, they were champs!

A year after, they had to re shuffle for the group members, some of them joined the other dance categories, some stayed.

These were the photos during their senior year, from dance practices to the main event :


Now say hi to topher, sam, chiel, myself, patchie, mary, ton and jolo 🙂

image image image image image image

Then the big day came:


Prepping up 🙂


Wacko with topher and ton


Giving final instructions 🙂


Of couse, may ootd pa hahaha!

image image image image

Another rule that i stricly implement was not to watch their competitors to avoid pressure and lessen their nervousness. I checked them from head to toe, everything should be uniform.

Did they win? YES OF COURSE! Champions 🙂

They were not the last group that i was able to teach dance to, my next blogs will show you the others. Til our next dance sesh, VQ babies!


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