💋 La Sofesticada

If there’s a group that i would definitely remember for the rest of my life, it would be this one. It was the most challenging year for me, they were the most challenging kids too. Haha! But they were the ones who made me feel like im just a teenager. Being with them made me feel so young, they made me laugh and shout and walk out the most. Or is it just because i was three months pregnant when i taught them?


My ES BABIES bagging the first place 🙂


It was just not the choreo-student type of relationship. They really became very close to my heart. They were even present at my baby’s christening. I love these babies so much.


They were the best epitome of great improvements. When i first saw them dance, everyone’s super shy and their movements were limited. But then again, i told them that there’s no reason to be on the second or third place, they must be champs. They worked really really hard, and i saw them grow, not just in dancing, but also in real life.

Let me share to you our snapshots during our team outing :


image image image image image image image image

image image image image image

This group made me so proud for bagging two championships under my mentorship. I dont regret meeting you guys. You know how much i love all of you so so much. Wherever life takes me, i will still be your ate kimai who would be there through the best and worst times.


Look at them now 🙂 have fun in college, LS BABIES!


kimseneca 😘


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