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Hi, im kim. Trust me, i am just an ordinary, normal and average human. But at some point, i have strange issues about myself (which are actually really strange for others) that i would gladly share to you.

Each of us was raised differently. And i guess it was more of what the society dictates that makes us think that we are (at some point) weird and different. And because it is Thursday, im gonna make a list of the 5 things that makes me strange, based on family, friends and other people’s observations. It’s not throwback thursday for me, simply because everyone’s doing it, i lose interest in what everbody usually does. Today is Thursday Random List day 🙂 so here’s my strange list:

1. I don’t drink carbonated beverages

Yes. I don’t. Not because im on a diet, or im scared to get fat, or im totally a retard. But i guess my childhood was just the typical stick to whats good for your tummy kind of childhood, maybe because i was the first child. My mom told me that when i was a kid, my belief was all dark beverages were poison. So i literally avoided colored liquids.haha. Coke,sprite,royal,rc, etc. my mouth can tolerate beer more than those. I am super happy with water. But it made me healthy. I dont have histories of UTI, diabetes or any other diseases associated with these carbonated drinks.

Although there were cases when i felt embarassed when friends offer me softdrinks then i would refuse and i have to request for water or juice. And they would tease me like “diet ka?” Or “are you pregnant kaya bawal softdrinks?” And i was forced to explain again and again and again the reason why i dont drink carbonated beverages. I am trying, really. To be able to like them, but i just cant. There are bubbles talaga when i drink softdrinks. Literal!

2. I am not a fan of gravy on chicken and ketchup on french fries

I saw how my bestfriend, Angela, loves gravy at KFC. She really poured a LOT on her separate plate and it almost looked like soup. Call me weird but i really don’t like gravy on my chicken. In any fast food chain, or fine dining restaurants, i always go for the plain flavor of chicken. Is that bad? But i guess it’s good for me. Less calories. Hihi.

The French fries and ketchup tandem has been very famous for the past years. They said ketchup was used to contrast and compliment french fries’ dry taste. But it doesnt taste satisfying to me.

3. I do not want what everyone wants.

im a sucker for uniqueness. I easily lose interest on things (and people) that everyone wants. I would definitely go for something that only I have. I don’t want a copy of what others want. It’s too boring for me.

4. I love the old school-tindahan type chocolates and candies

La-la, Langka, Ube, Big bang, Goya, and those stripey chocolates from the sari sari store. I love them! I also like the imported ones, but i would pick these cheap treats over the more famous chocolate brands. The taste was just simple, satisfying to my sweet cravings.

5. I don’t like flowers during special occasions

Yes it’s sweet to give flowers during special occasions, but i prefer to eat out and buy pretzels. Haha. Flowers for me means the guy was sorry for doing something wrong. I will appreciate if you give me flowers, but i will surely love you if you give me food!

well there goes my strange list. I can imagine some of you raising your eyebrows while reading, relax. Im sure you too have some strange issues about yourself, which makes you unique. You just have to respect other people’s uniqueness, and be happy with yours. So, watch out for my next random list on thursday okay?

Til our next!


kimseneca 😘


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