💋 Leaving the Past Behind


All of us are given unlimited chances to change the way we live everyday. As long as we breathe, we are capable of living the life given to us. Even the most cruel people in the world can grab that chance to turn things around. We can never undo our pasts. Never. I myself has been doing a lot of wishful thinking about trying to undo my past. What if one day i could change it. What if one day i could take back time and i could erase all the wrong things i did. To make all mistakes right, to mend all the hurts i have done to some people, to take back wrong decisions so i can live a better life. If a miracle happens and a genie pop out and offers me a deal on changing my past, i would never grab it. Even the most painful moments. Even the ones that made me stumble and thought of giving up. No regrets.

i have done a lot of mistakes from my past. A LOT. hurt a lot of people. Done a lot of embarassing stuff. I experienced being the talk of the town for several months. I just kept quiet knowing that those people didnt know even a tiny detail of the reasons why i did those things. I did not say a word. Simply because i know the truth and being hurt is never an excuse to hurt them. It was painful. Very painful. Being judged by people who doesnt even know you. During those times, i just thought that through the worst times i will be stronger. And yes, indeed. I am stronger. I am better. Better than my old self.

The past brought me to where and who i am now. It has made me a better person. Looking back, i am very happy that i have gained a lot of essentail values, most importantly the value of forgiveness. Not just to the people who hurt me, but also to myself. I was able to realize that i am only human, like everybody else. So instead of fighting back, silence and forgiveness are the best weapons for the pain. That the world is too small. That life is too short.

We can never undo our pasts. But we always have our tomorrows to do better.


It gets blurry and unclear sometimes. Punishing ourselves with the mistakes we’ve done. Comparing our lives to others. Judging and holding grudges.


But i guess time has a way of letting us look back, smile and let go of the things that made us weak. That everything happens for a reason and that no matter how hard you try to want to change your past, it wont let you. And you wont be able to move on until you forgive yourself and strive harder to make things better.


Then you try to turn the pages of your book and make more beautiful moments, leaving the marks of your unpretty past. And stop thinking about the things you cannot change. And being ready for change. You will learn to walk through everything and move on with life, knowing that you have another tomorrow to live.


You will realize how your life changed from then. Smile and laugh about the silliest things that made you cry yesterday. You’ll see a better person inside you, with a peace of mind that you know you are not perfect but you are better than what other people think of you. You can sleep soundly at night because you know you made the right choice to get up and move on with what life gave you. That at some point in your life you fell, but you were able to get up and turn things around.

Life will teach us these valuable lessons in such a way that we will surely remember, sometimes we learn these lessons the hard way. But what matters is how much we try to do our best in order to be better. Our pasts will not dictate our future. So we must let go and stop torturing ourselves with the past. Keep moving forward.

Let’s be happy 🙂 cheers to beautiful tomorrows and happy endings!


kimseneca 😘


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