💋 Why Do I Choose To Be Happy?

Happiness will always be our choice. There will come a point in our lives when we’ll get tired of overthinking at night and worrying about the future. I have learned that no matter how hard i try to push myself to get something i want, if it wasnt meant for me, i wont get it. Acceptance is one key to true happiness. And not thinking about the things i cannot change.


I choose to be happy because it gives me a mystery glow, letting everyone wonder why im still smiling after all i’ve been through. It gives me peace and a healthy mind. And i get to make other people happy, too. I know that it takes a lot of courage to face the greatest trials. But you cannot just sit around and let fate handle everything. Choosing to be happy will always bring the best in me. Less stress. Less worries. Less baggage. Making me function as a better person, inside out. And i think the greatest thing in being happy is that it gives me a chance to live longer.

Change is inevitable. One day you are okay, the next day you’re not. But what makes you different from the rest is when you start to have that perspective of always choosing to be on the other side, the positive and more beautiful side. There is beauty and goodness in everyone, everything. You just have to believe that. Learning the art of “deadma” is also a big big help.

No one can decide for you. Only you can do that. As for me, i choose happiness. Always. 😀



So choose to be happy today, tomorrow and everyday 😀


kimseneca 😘



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