💋 Thursday Random Post


1. Fall in love but never lose yourself along the process of love.

Everybody knows that love is blind. It can make people do crazy things out of it. Some even change their whole life perspective when they are madly in love. But when the loves fades, they end up losing themselves and struggle to start from the very beginning. Love is a natural phenomenon. It’s a great feeling. It’s a great state of mind. But one should never lose his own reality just because it feels good. Along the process, it is always better to love yourself first, then share the love to your partner. If your partner sees how much you value your worth, he will never have an excuse to take you for granted nor leave you. Which is a good thing because he will treasure you as a precious gem. And if unexpectedly the love fails, you still have a hold of yourself (your true self) although broken, it’s still you. You are not a different person so you don’t need to start from scratch.

You can give a hundred percent of yourself when you fall in love, just make sure to love yourself double. Let your partner love you for who you really are, not for what he wants you to become. Guarding you heart is not a selfish move. It makes you capable of loving your partner honestly and without holding back.

2. Be inspired but don’t copy.

Who in this world wants to just be the second rate version of somebody else? I guess nobody. I myself don’t want to be someone’s copy. Yes, being imitated is the greatest form of flattery, but don’t you think it’s more annoying? Seeing other people having the same as yours. While you spend time brainstorming about your creative ideas, some people just copy. Not good.

It’s very much okay to be inspired by other people’s works, but it’s better to create your own. It doesn’t just exercise your brain, it also shapes you to become your unique, own self. Being able to inspire others to dig deeper and do beautiful things on their own. Now that’s good.

3. There’s always tomorrow but life is too short.

We are indeed very thankful for unlimited tomorrows. Another day, another chance to make things right, no mistakes yet. But have you ever think of the sad reality that life is also short? That we don’t even know when unlimited tomorrows stop.

I am a prime believer of doing what you can do now so you won’t regret later. Or maybe, do it now or do it never. Only our creator knows how much time we have left in this world. So i guess it’s better to maximize what time you have now. Do not take for granted every minute. Make your loved ones feel how much you love them, travel, learn, do everything you want now. You might not have tomorrow.

4. Life is tough, but you and your God are tougher.

trials will always come your way. And everyone loses faith in some point of our lives, specially during the tough times. But you just got to tighten the faith and never give up. Every dilemma has a solution, if it doesn’t have a solution, then forget about it. Having a bigger God will always be a man’s defense to life’s struggles.

5. Keep it simple. Keep it beautiful.

do not create a problem that does not exist. Keep life simple. For yourself and for others. Less drama, less stress and less hate. Life is beautiful. You are beautiful. Don’t waste time thinking about things that are not happening. Do not complicate simple life situations and be happy.



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