💋 What I Wore Weekend : Nudes

imageOh, Nudes! From make ups, accessories, shoes and clothes, to overall layouts and designs, even on commercial establishments and homes, this palette always gives sophistication and class. Though it’s plain and neutral, it’s never boring. Today i pulled this outfit off my closet because i don’t want to layer up. I want an easy to carry dress so i can move freely and so i don’t feel eeky with our bipolar weather.


Dress from @yangheartsyou online 🙂


Shiny nude flats from Solemate 🙂

imageBag from Accessorize 🙂


Gshock GA-100 from Casio 🙂 yes i love men’s watches. Hihi.

When going out on a casual day, i usually opt for lesser accessories. Having a toddler son explains it. I wouldn’t want my son pulling off and throwing my abubots around. It’s so stressful to pick them up.



No sunglasses for now. I think it’s really not suitable for the weather 🙂

i hope you enjoyed your weekend!


kimseneca 😘


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