💋 I Love Surprises!

Who doesn’t love surprises? Well today i received a very nice surprise for my writing hobby 🙂 been offered a sponsorship from a clothing brand. Yay! Don’t expect much, it’s just average. But it still excites me 🙂 i can’t say anything yet, though i spilled a little. Hihi. The management said i could blog a little about it.



Will sign a contract on July and three months from then will start the sponsorship. Thank God i still have time to correct my awkward poses and practice my english articulation. They told me they loved my awkwardness though. Haha!

help me pray for this venture 🙂


kimseneca 😘


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6 Responses to 💋 I Love Surprises!

  1. Anagon says:

    Thank you for the love! Good luck on this new project. 🙂

  2. imma says:

    Lovely outfit…

    follow to follow? let me know


  3. April Nunez says:

    i know how you feel! felt that same feeling also when someone offered me sponsorship! Good for you and good luck! 🙂

    April of: http://beybiapril.wordpress.com

    • kimseneca says:

      It really feels sooooo gooood! The brand is local,but has a variety of good stuff. Im really excited 🙂 i hope to meet you soon dear! Meetup soon 🙂

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