Sky High


“The higher the heels, The closer to heaven.” Those were the exact words inside my mind when i bought this pair of 5 inch neon orange wedge from tOnic. It’s quite strange because i seldom wear ultra high heels. It was love at first sight. Just too pretty to ignore, and i knew i wouldn’t get any sleep if I didn’t buy it. Haha! The down part is, I couldn’t wear them for long hours! But they’re really really pretty. Agree? 🙂 not too bad to try pretty new things every once in a while 🙂



They make my legs shorter, though.


Worth every single leg pain. Haha 🙂 til our next!


kimseneca 😘

🌸 Wedge : tOnic bags and shoes 🌸 Dress : Billabong 🌸 Sunnies : Knockaround 🌸 Bag : Accessorize 🌸


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