What’s Up?


My life lately 🙂

1. Photo op at Taal Bayview Bistro

2. Lunch with my family that i missed so much

3. Retrieved our Yamaha Mio after more than a year of being stolen. Big thank you to Paranaque police! Looks a lot different though.

4. Florals and Yellow

5. After almost three months of contemplating, finally Decided to grow my hair again to achieve the big curls after cutting my hair short. (Photo taken 2009)

6. Same outfit when we went to Batangas for Inay’s 40th day

7. The polka red bag

8. Studded flats

9. The most devastating typhoon i’ve experienced (Glenda)

I haven’t updated my blog and social media sites for several days because we just had our electricity back today. Geesh, i am really thankful that it’s back. It’s so hard to move without water and electric power. But i was able to realize that in times of the worst calamities, everyone is equally in need of prayers and help. Having to do nothing at home, it gave us the opportunity to sit, talk, eat together and bond. This week has been tough, but we’re getting things back to normal.

I also received some emails about staying safe during the typhoon, and i want to thank you guys for sending love 🙂 i sincerely appreciate all of it. I never thought that i actually have readers na hihi 🙂 but seriously, thank you! For remembering and for reading everyday!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Life is still beautiful 🙂


kimseneca 😘


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