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Zalora, Lazada, ebay, Shopinas, Wemall, Instagram, Multiply Marketplace. Those were just some of the leading online shops here in the Philippines. Shopping made easy with just a click away from the goodies you want to grab. Online shopping in the Philippines became one of the most popular trends on 2012. But it is widely known even before. Few years back, Multiply was the premier online shopping portal for the Filipino community, until Instagram and other websites came. Innovations also occured in shopping! Hassle free, saves time and energy, easy to find what you want and need. Online shopping can seem scary to some, but why not give it a try?

I have been an avid fan of online shopping since 2008. I can still remember the very first time I ordered a top online, from my now friend, Nessa Espineli. From then on, I got used to it and somehow enjoyed its perks. In fact, I am one of those online sellers who offer goodies posted in the Internet. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Online shopping is a very broad topic. Let me help you with some of the major pros and cons (for both the seller and the buyer)


1. Convinient. Imagine shopping in you very own home, sitting and sipping your favorite drink while looking at awesome stuff in your computer. Shopping made easy with just a few clicks away 🙂

2. Buyers can buy the products (usually) at lower and discounted price, you can haggle. Why? Because the sellers do not pay rental fees for their shops.

3. You can find more unique pieces. If you are as weird as I am who doesn’t want to see someone wearing the same piece of clothing as you do, you gotta love online shopping because some stores offer stuff with just one stock per item.

4. Imported goodies seldomly found in the country are sold online.

5. No need to wait in line! So you can go shopping til your eyes drop!

6. You can easily search for a product that you’ve been eyeing for a long time

7. Saves time, energy and money. No need to dress up, travel, walk from store to store with tons of shopping bags.

8. 24/7 operations.

9. No need to hire an extra salesperson to watch your stocks for you. No issues of shoplifting and staff stealing.

10.  Sellers can capture both the local and international market

11. Profitable income for sellers who want to earn with their unuseful clothes and stuff. Instead of throwing them out, sell it online!

12. Privacy : There are products you want to purchase privately. You can buy certain products on the web anonymously to maintain your privacy.

13. Gain awesome and fab friends


1. You cannot check the items personally. Buy at your own risk. Some items are just pretty in pictures. You cannot fit clothes or try stuff. The only option is to ask for dimensions and product information.

2. Buyers must wait for several days to have the items delivered. They also shoulder the shipping fee.

3. There are a lot of scammers. So make sure to check the seller’s feedbacks, information and past transactions. It is very easy to post fake photos so be very very careful.

4. No return no exchange policy.

5. Sellers must have multiple lines of communication where buyers can contact them. SMS, Viber and other social media applications.

6. Courier issues.

7. Sellers must promote their shops very well. More efforts in marketing and site must always look presentable to attract buyers.

Whether you decide to buy or sell stuff online, always make sure to do a lot of research first. Be keen enough to recognize the scammers from the legit sellers and buyers. Different shops have different house rules, modes of payments, couriers. Always make reading a habit. Most of all, enjoy shopping and always be nice!

As an online seller and buyer, i did not have any regrets in trying online shopping 🙂

oh, and check out @shopseneca on Instagram too!


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2 Responses to Online Shopping 101

  1. ebencipe says:

    My first onlnie purchase is a foundation from Loreal Paris from an onlnie makeup store. Ok naman sya then it was followed by a Power bank from lazada. I even want to buy thsirts but I prefer doing it the old way in a dept store so that I can try them on. My boss had a very horrible online shopping experience when he bought unides and jeans from a renowned RTW brand in LA via their official website. It was delivered by FEDEX but to his surprised, his bill has this “customs and duties” fee amounting to 5000php!!! The said fee is more expensive than his purchases. So its really good to spend some time reading the lost list of terms and conditions before hitting the OK button.

    • kimseneca says:

      Im so sad to hear what happened to your boss. You really have to be careful. When i shop i make sure to read everything specially the feedbacks 🙂 a little research can also help. You can also verify the payment details first 🙂

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