Bloggers United 7 : Full of Surprises

I am not the fashion victim slash will go gaga over fashion kind of woman. I dress according to my mood, and what i know suits me well. Im not the wear what’s everyone is wearing, i usually opt for unique fashion finds. I love basic tanks, statement necklaces, anything highwaist, and anything that makes me look taller. But because of this event, i appreciated fashion more, met the top fashion bloggers in the country, and brought up the fashionista side in me.

The Bloggers United team partnered with Sunsilk pink to bring us the best summer fair this year. Entrance fee was 100 php each, or just bring a 180 ml Sunsilk pink bottle to come in free. It was held on May 10,2014 at Metrotent Ortigas. This was my first time to attend Bloggers United, and i didnt regret doing so.

here’s what i wore during the event


As you enter the venue, you will receive a cute freebie from


a notepad 🙂

Stylish people everywhere. Cool booths, pretty stuff, everything is just beautiful. I have limited time to check the whole event, i have to watch my husband’s championship game after. Have to rush to Laguna, so i maximized all the time i have for this fair.


that’s the pretty stage

As i check each booth, Meg magazine’s Carla Hutchinson approached me and asked me if it’s okay that they took photos of my outfit, because i am sorta selected to be included in their best dressed bloggers for the day. It felt super awkward at first. I was so shy, more of embarassed because i feel im too old for Meg. But i just smiled at the camera and thanked them.


they gave me this as a sign that i wore something good that day 🙂  

There are food trucks in the venue in case you get hungry. Of course they were a little bit pricey compared to fast food restaurants, but they offer a bunch of good munchies for the people in the event.




I had the chance to take snapshots of some of the bloggers.






Everyone’s super nice. No wonder why these people made it to the top. Very humble people.

I have to leave early, so i was not able to see the other bloggers. And as soon as i reached home, i checked twitter. Unexpectedly, i won one of the raffles from Sister Secrets. Too bad, i have Gc’s sana.



And guess what? I made it to Meg magazine’s top 30 picks for the best dressed category today 🙂 yay!


Check out for the other 29 😂

oh well, it’s been such a fun day. Although i was super bitin. I guess i’ll be looking forward for Bloggers United 8 🙂 thank you for reading.


kim seneca 😘


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2 Responses to Bloggers United 7 : Full of Surprises

  1. feichameleon says:

    I attended the same event, although I wasn’t able to see you because we arrived late. And congrats for being part of the top 30. 🙂

  2. kimseneca says:

    Thank you 🙂 let’s meet up on the next BU! I was a bit shy. Haha. Im already 27, married and im a mom! You think im too old for this? Haha.

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