Mix n Matching Online Finds


I know what you’re thinking. Florals. Again. Well yeah, i love florals and tank tops 🙂 even on rainy days! Haha 🙂 can you spare me judgment for the last time? Pleaassseeee?? I am very comfortable with this ensemble, and the weather is super warm today.

It was about six years when i started to shop online. Yeah, quite long enough to somehow master the art of online shopping, which also gives me extra income now that i am a seller online on instagram. I loved it because i got to find extra unique pieces to wear. Today i decided to wear some of my online finds 🙂 from head to toe (except from my flats which are given to me by my husband) i wore stuff i bought online.


The royal blue low back top was from a supplier i’ve known online, and now im selling those kinds 🙂 it’snot the ordinary tank top. It’s made of thick stretchable material which does not easily loosen when used and washed. The floral midi skirt was from my friend’s online shop. The bag was from an online shop on Multiply and the accessories were from ebay.




image image image


Lipstick? Got it from Zalora 🙂

Gotta love online shopping, eh? Go shop, now!!!!


kimseneca 😘


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7 Responses to Mix n Matching Online Finds

  1. April Nunez says:

    Love it Kim! 🙂 your skirt if perfect and I’m lovin the way you styled it. 😉

    April of: http://beybiapril.wordpress.com 🙂

  2. Margo Blue says:

    Beautiful! I love the outfit, I would wear that!! 🙂

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