An open letter to Typhoon Glenda

Hi! I’ve heard a lot of things about you. With a diameter of 520 km, moving west northwest at 20 kph, having maximum sustained winds at 130 kph near the center and gustiness up to 160 kph, you have made a grand entrance into our lovely country. I know. I know. The Philippines is such a beautiful place to visit right? God has given us a wonderful array of tourist destinations and wonders of nature. But can you please make your stay super short so we can all be happy? I myself is so scared of you, and how you will make a lot of my fellow Filipinos stay up all night just to make sure our homes and families are in a safe state. I am super sleepy but i can’t sleep soundly because I can hear your strong winds smash our windows. My baby is sleeping already. Can you just run away and disappear? Kidding! 🙂 but seriously, i acknowledge the fact that you need to be here. It’s inevitable right? You’ll pass through us. Just take it easy okay? And fast. Please don’t take away our homes, lands, lives. Please let homeless Filipinos survive the days with you. A lot of us are praying really hard, and let me tell you, we are very scared. Very very scared. Strong typhoons like you from the past almost made some of us give up, made us rethink of our government’s capacity to make an effective disaster management plan for their people. But before you came, i’ve seen some improvements, i am quite impressed with the readiness of our leaders. Well i think we learned our lesson already. Though some of us are still recovering from Yolanda’s cruelty, here you are challenging us again. In all fairness, you will not hit Tacloban that much this time.

I just want you to know that i am sure that you will have a great time here. Because you will see how Filipinos can go through the worst things possible, but can still smile and thank God for being able to surpass a hurdle. I know you’ll see what made Filipinos different from the rest. Our hearts are filled with endless hopes for better tomorrows, no matter how hard life (and typhoons) hit us. Maybe now you are witnessing how big our faith in our God is, hearing prayers from the people in Visayas. Later you’ll see how the people from Southern Luzon prepared for you. You must be thinking you ‘re special. Nah, we just want to beat your strength with our hopeful hearts.

Now that you knew how great your visit here will be, maybe you can just move really fast and be nice to us 🙂 As much as we want to accomodate visitors in our country, i guess it would be a lot better if you spare us from your troubles and harm. We would gladly want to see you nowhere near us again 🙂 we hate to be rude but please, pretty please, leave us alone. And safe. And happy. 


kimseneca 😘




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4 Responses to An open letter to Typhoon Glenda

  1. carascliche says:

    Stay safe!

    xx Cara

  2. ebencipe says:

    My family is in Bicol and they told me that it brought a lot of mud in our house. Im still thankful that they are safe… =)

  3. kimseneca says:

    Good thing they’re okay. I hope everything will get back to normal asap. Send my regards to them 🙂 and oh, i love your blog!

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