I know you missed me! The past week has been very tough, sleepless nights and tiring days because my baby boy was sick. But he is very well now so we went out to our usual weekend quality bonding. First off, this was my outfit that day. Yeah, plain top and printed high waist skirt. I don’t know why but this has been my favorite style ever since. Maybe because it always gives me the fake tall girl slash long legged girl (which im not in real life) haha. I am desperately wanting to color my hair as soon as possible. And i wish they grow fast for summer. The sandals, well, i am on the process of overusing them. Why not? They’re very light, pretty and comfy.

image image

Our first stop was at MJ 46 Factory Outlet at Barangay Sun Valley Bicutan Paranaque. My hubby is a sneakerhead. He loves Jordan’s and basketball stuff. The shop offers cheaper prices compared to malls, but is a little hard to find. There are signs for directions, though. 


What I love about this store is that it has a very clean play pen for kids so they won’t go running around the shop. Parents can shop at ease, too. Kids can play colorful blocks 🙂 Those are my baby boy’s favorites! And he was just playing the whole time.




Blurry left hand because he was waving with excitement 🙂

image image

And oh, I tried taking photos inside the playpen. Hahaha. Please don’t laugh. I know. I know. Haha!

image imageWe grabbed lunch at Burger King Slex 🙂 i loved BK since high school, and i missed its trademark, the classic barbeque sauce 🙂 i also tried the FourCheese Burger, which is super duper nakakaumay. Haha! The first bite was superb, but as you try to finish the whole thing, everything just turns upside down and you’ll find something sweet to reverse the overflowing cheesy flavor. 

image image

We went straigh to Paseo de SantaRosa to check out the Nike outlet store. My hubby’s old basketball shoes gave up on him already so he has to find a new one. Blockbuster Nike! Andaming tao. Good thing he was able to find the pair that he likes 🙂 it was too hot, walking around an outdoor mall. We also found Zachy’s trick or treat costume at Mothercare. 70% off! Hhaha 🙂 




My boys 🙂

We heard mass at 7:30 pm at St.Peregrine Muntinlupa then shop for groceries after. It was an indeed fun Sunday for us. I am really grateful for times like this 🙂 til our next!



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7 Responses to Sunday

  1. April Nunez says:

    beautiful family! 🙂
    Hope your cute baby boy is doing fine already.

    April of:

  2. What a pretty floral dress! Purple is definitely making a glamorous comeback this Fall. Add on a blazer and some sheer tights and your outfit is perfect for those chilly days 🙂 – Lena

  3. Margo Blue says:

    Nice pictures! I LOVE your outfit! 🙂


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