I am not going anywhere

You missed me, didn’t you? Well, the past weeks revolved around contemplating about whether to continue this blog or not. Several factors were weighed, including a life changing news (which im about to unveil the coming months) that i think would greatly affect my writing. Including the upcoming sponsorship on October that will also be affected by other aspects of my life. But the amount of e mails i received the past days of not posting anything made me decide on my not so complicated dilemma. Yes. I will continue to write, and share my crazy thoughts and adventures with you, guys! I didn’t make a blog to impress people, i made this page to inspire others 🙂 

Cheers to more crazy posts! 



kimseneca 😘



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You will like me :)
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5 Responses to I am not going anywhere

  1. segmation says:

    Great blog. Keep in coming!

  2. Margo Blue says:

    I’m so glad you decided to keep writing! I know for me there are times that I write much less (depending on what’s going on in my life) but I totally have to keep writing. It’s my therapy! I’m looking forward to your future writings. 🙂


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