Unplanned Stroll


I really look tiny here! Haha. My husband has this hobby of capturing stolen photos of me when we go out. I don’t know why, but i guess i should just like what he’s doing right? After eating lunch at home yesterday, we decided to stroll because there’s nothing left for us to do. The rain was pouring really really hard and we don’t wanna just lay in bed all day. So we went to Alabang Town Center before attending mass.




image Quite impressive for a stalker, right? Haha! I wore a long sleeved dress with my favorite striped pattern. And a nude pair of flats because im too lazy to dress up. That day was a lot of fun. We rode Timezone’s train, which only lasts for less than five minutes! And i guess it’s overpriced at 40 pesos. (Kuripot!) but my son really loves trains, so never mind the rant. His happiness is priceless. image



imageMy son is the sweetest cutie pie in the world. He accidentally slapped me due to extreme excitement but he said sorry po right away 🙂 image


imageWe just strolled around tha mall, did some window shopping. (Yes, not actual shopping) haha. image

He loves taking photos 🙂


With his favorite car on yellow, his favorite color 🙂

We got hungry and ate merienda at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen 🙂 just because my husband is a ramen and gyoza monster! image


image It was a day well spent with my boys. Looking forward to next week! I really wish to grant some of my readers’ requests of doing outfit posts. Soon, loves. I’m just too busy with family time 😉 I hope you had an awesome weekend, too!

love, kimseneca. 😘


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6 Responses to Unplanned Stroll

  1. Is that tonkotsu ramen? Looks delectable! What a fun day with the family; looks like you guys had a stellar time 🙂 – LEna

  2. kimseneca says:

    Lol! I hope we can meet soon and enjoy a bowl of tonkotsu ramen!! 🙂

  3. Molly (life15juicy.wordpress.com) says:

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