Casual Weekdays


Always go for an easy and comfortable way in dressing up. When you’re a mom with a lot of errands during the day like me, opting for a more laid back outfit would definitely be the prefect choice. A bodycon dress, topped with a denim vest (not to look boring) with a sling bag and comfy flats. Ahh, that’s the way to do it 🙂 casual but not too casual. I also like to side braid my hair for an instant chic look. (But the truth is, it’s a bad hair day for me! Haha )




Pale face, red lips and aviators will go a long way through a very looooooong day 🙂


Before i end this post, i would like to proudly share three pretty photos that a reader sent me to my mail. I uploaded this batch of photos on my facebook account, then decided to hide them first, but i was really surprised that Angelica Bacalla, only 14, was able to grab them and made art with my photos. I know you can read this post baby girl! I am very thankful and happy to be one of your inspirations 🙂

check these photos loves :




Amazing photos, right? I don’t know what apps did she use to make these pretty ones, but i really appreciate the effort and the love 🙂 i hope we can meet soon and take photos together!

i hope you guys are having a great day!


kimseneca 😘

🌸 Dress : Forever 21 🌸 Vest : Topshop 🌸 Bag : Esprit 🌸 Aviators : Knockaround 🌸 Shoes : Tory Burch 🌸


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2 Responses to Casual Weekdays

  1. Molly ( says:

    Wow! Those photos are too cool!! 🙂

  2. kimseneca says:

    I know! The little girl who sent me was really amazing! 🙂

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