Knit It!


Dressing up under the bipolar weather really makes me lazy and crazy. Haha! We left the house with raindrops falling, we reached ATC with the sun’s scorching heat. That’s where knits are made of (atleast for me). They allow air to pass through while covering the arms. Not a bad thing to invest to for this kind of weather. Plus the denim shorts and comfy flats.





I am sorry for the not so blogger pose. Hahaha. And for my swelling face and tummy. Will announce the reason soon 🙂





kimseneca 😘


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4 Responses to Knit It!

  1. Adorable! What a fun and comfy knit sweater!! – Lena

  2. April Nunez says:

    how could I missed this!
    Looking great babe. I might get myself a knit wear too soon.
    swelling face and tummy? whoa.
    I might be wrong.. but If Im thinking what you’re thinking then… CONGRATS! 😀

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