Thursday Random List : Christmas Wishlist

Hohoho! It’s that time of the year once again! Everyone’s favorite holiday. When The month of October started, i suddenly became giddy giddy about what i want to have on Christmas. Of course all of us wants to have a blessed life, happiness, more love and world peace, but i guess it would cause no harm if we wish for other things. Tangible things that also make us happy 🙂 besides, wishing will always be our favorite past time! Haha. So I came up with my Christmas wishlist 2014 : Material Things edition. A realistic list of specific stuff i want this Christmas. (Not the i want a new house, a new car, unlimited stuff for my boys kind of stuff) hihi. And oh, all for my self 🙂

1. fujifilm XM1


Aaahhh! I was able to read the specs of this pretty little thing. This is the only gadget i want. I don’t want a new phone, laptop or tab. I just want this!

2. Tory Burch Ella Nylon Tote Bag in Black

I’ve been wanting this bag for too long. I love it because it has a lot of space for a mom like me. My mom pledged to buy this one. I hope she does! Haha. Please mum, i have been super good this year! 🙂

image3. Shoesies!

A woman can never have enough pairs of shoes. Never.

 Jessica Simpson ballet flats


Aren’t they the prettiest ballet flats? I bought a nude pair similar to these from an online shop. It looks exactly the same, but the seller told me that the original JS version is more comfy. So i really want to have even just one of these. Even just one 🙂

A birkenstock pair in gold


This one’s limited. Very hard to find. I checked three stores already and nada. I saw one from a shopping center but it’s fake. I am not really a big fan of fake birks, i have always believed in quality over quantity. Gold is my favorite color, and i hope i could find this lovely pair. Fingers crossed!

Yosi Samra’s flats in gold with crystals


                                                             Love at first sight 🙂 that simple.

Nike Airmax 90 Pink Glow


Having a sneakerhead husband makes me one, too. This airmax is really just too pretty. And i guess it would be a great help for me to be more active and fit. (Im not getting any younger) haha!

4. The LG pocket photo printer


If there’s one thing i learned about photos and technology is that i have to make sure i was able to print the most memorable photos and not just upload or store them somewhere, may it be in the internet or other devices. I used to upload all my snapshots on Multiply, until one day the site wiped away everything. Then i saved them on my external drive, until one day a virus corrupted every single file. So when i saw this gadget accessory, i really was super ecstatic about it. Very cute and very handy too.

5. A beach trip

imageI am a sucker for the beach. And i am missing it so much. I hope i can visit one before the year ends.

Have you made your own Christmas wishlist yet? 🙂


kimseneca 😘

**all photos from the internet**


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4 Responses to Thursday Random List : Christmas Wishlist

  1. annie says:

    that fujifilm XM1 is sleek! a nice camera is definitely on my x’mas wishlist too! hehe beach trip to thailand maybe? 😉

  2. Margo Blue says:

    You have style!! 🙂


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