Blacks Golds and Orange


“Today’s gonna be a day full of love, laughter and food!” I just knew. Because im gonna be with my best friends to celebrate Kamille and Joey’s birthday. I was too tired the night before (wife and mom duties), but it doesn’t have to show. So i dress up with my go-to palette when im too stressed. Black and Gold with contrast. I am super in love with my orange neck piece which i bought at Lissa Kahayon’s booth during the Blogger’s United 7 event. The pair of gold jelly sandals was a steal at a bazaar in Alabang, comfy and rain proof! The top and skirt are from Forever 21.





A tiny hole surprised me when i saw this photo. It made me smile. And laugh a little. A ring from the necklace caused it. Now i have to make stitches to save my top. Hehe.


kimseneca 😘


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2 Responses to Blacks Golds and Orange

  1. How lovely, the bright accessories and sandals really caught my eye! <3!!

  2. kimseneca says:

    The sandals are really my fave 🙂 im loving your outfits lena! 😘

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