The Gift of Life


After several trips to the hospital, continuous consultations to my OB Gynecologist due to subchorionic bleedings during the first trimester, bed rests, medications, lots of prayers and threatened abortion with urinary tract infection, i can finally announce that im gonna be a mom again! 🙂

I have been struggling with my second pregnancy for the past months. Unlike my first, this one’s really challenging and sensitive. I was super scared that i almost lost my baby. But we’re finally healthier and better now. Now i know that every pregnancy is really different. And i learned to discipline myself more, not just for my own sake, but for my baby.

Me and my husband are really blessed to have been given another child. The gift of life the biggest blessing a woman could possibly have. I find it really amazing how God created women to give life 🙂 now you know the reason behind some of my past posts. Haha! imageAnd oh, to my reader who asked about the sponsorship, im still gonna do it on June. I was lucky that the Brand Manager is also expecting a child. I guess this baby bubu is my lucky charm.

I am really really excited for this! I missed you, guys. And i promise to get back to blogging.




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2 Responses to The Gift of Life

  1. Aren Cayetano says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

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