That Blue Maxi

imageAnd yet again another 18th birthday party! Im running out of formal clothes! 🙂 being pregnant, and i am now almost in the third trimester, makes it really hard for me to find clothes to wear during occassions like debut parties. I don’t really want to buy a lot of stuff anymore because i have a resolution to save (to really save) for my kids’ future. So my closet has an array of basic pieces that I can just mix and match. I guess that’s certainly an advantage of loving the basic hues and prints. Maxis are definitely magic wonders for preggos like me. And for this night, i chose blue 🙂 image   This Maxi dress from Bayo has been hibernating inside my closet for five years already. Yes, five years. and i was able to wear it only for this night. I planned to have it altered because the fit was not that good, kinda loose for my frame. But the expansion of my tummy and hips made it just perfect for me now 🙂 image

Lovin’ this pretty abstract wall painting at Bellevue 🙂


image image



I will see you next time!




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6 Responses to That Blue Maxi

  1. what a flattering and beautiful dress! you look pretty. congrats too!

  2. Karen says:

    What a stunner, you figure looks banging in that dress!

  3. What a beautiful dress!!! You look great!! 😀


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