Happy New Year!


I love new years. Because they bring new chances to make things right. They offer unlimited hopes for a better, or even the best days in our lives. So let’s embrace the coming year ahead of us, leave all the negative vibes behind and breathe. Say hello to 2015 with a smile on our faces and challenge ourselves to become better 🙂

happy New Year, Loves! Bring it on, 2015!


kim seneca

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image   Blue has been my safe go to color whenever I feel unsure about any clothing. I just think it goes very well with mostly all skin types, colors and body shapes. And not very disturbing to the eye, haha! So for a looooooong day, i opted for this Forever 21 blue bodycon dress (which I bought at 5 different colors just because) and topped it with a striped blue and white polo. The photos were taken at Fun Ranch Alabang (my bubu’s favorite place). And oh, the gold chain necklace to feel the Christmas vibe. Continue reading

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Ikitnok’s Winter Wonderland Christmas


imageCelebrating 10 years of extremely genuine friendship with these people is one of the reasons why I feel very blessed this Christmas season. I’ve never had this kind of bond with any other groups of friends I’ve been with my whole life, and I am beyond thankful for each of them. It has been an annual tradition for us to celebrate Christmas and spend time to catch up with our lives. We miss Jhel and Marlene, though.  Continue reading

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Simple Touch


Just a maxi dress, flats and a flower crown. I was a pregnant fairy for a day 🙂 attended Aizel’s 18th birthday celebration with this. It was literally the funniest and craziest debut party I’ve been to. Everyone was really in costume! I can’t think of any other ensemble that would fit my belly for a costume party so i just decided to be a simple fairy with a baby bump. Photos from the party will follow 🙂 Continue reading

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Bloggers United 8 x OLX


This photo deserves to be the first on this post simply because the person im with was the main woman behind every bloggers united event with Ms. Aisa Ipac. She inspires me so much. Ana Gonzales is on top of my favorite Filipino bloggers who gathered last December 7,2014 at Whitepace Makati for the eighth Bloggers United event. Continue reading

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Silver and Gold

imageI really think im too old for dress up. And too lazy to glam up because my baby bump is growing 🙂 here’s what i wore to a debut yesterday. I was part of her eighteen candles. So there 🙂 the photodiary of her party will be posted soon. I chose to wear a silver dress and gold accessories for a more sophisticated preggy look. I hope it worked! 🙂 the past week has been very exhausting. But im definitely very happy. Continue reading

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The Gift of Life


After several trips to the hospital, continuous consultations to my OB Gynecologist due to subchorionic bleedings during the first trimester, bed rests, medications, lots of prayers and threatened abortion with urinary tract infection, i can finally announce that im gonna be a mom again! 🙂 Continue reading

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Trick or Treat!


Kids rule during halloween. It’s kinda crazy how the Filipinos were able to totally embrace the trick or trick tradition from the west. And i guess it’s definitely one way to de-stress and feel like a child even for just a day. We chose to have my baby boy’s trick or treat last October 31 at Alabang Town Center. And he wore a one piece skeleton costume. Not quite scary, haha. Because he’s chubby for a skelly 🙂  Continue reading

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Floral Power

imageIt’s not even summer 🙂 but i am a prime believer of how florals can make any outfit fun and chic. Even on gloomy days. I wore this dress during my cousin’s wedding last Saturday at Tayabas, Quezon. Paired it with a black heels and minimal accessories. I guess the prints can carry the whole package, no need to accessorize.  Continue reading

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Too Dizzy


An almost six hour travel (with stopovers) to Quezon made me too dizzy last friday. Way too dizzy to produce reasonable photos for outfit shots. Hehe. I still don’t know what to type here, until now i can feel the extreme dizziness and i still feel super tired. Continue reading

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